I’m very pleased to offer one-on-one mentoring sessions, photography workshops and individual editing sessions, for beginner to advanced level photographers. My background in photography is extensive and diverse. In addition to being a fine art and documentary photographer, my experience includes working as a magazine picture editor, on staff at both People and Time Magazine. I’m also an award-winning book designer and have created numerous photobooks for myself and for clients for over 10 years.

My one-on-one mentoring is geared to suit your needs, whether you're just starting to think more seriously about your images or you are a practiced photographer. We will work together to discuss your goals and your future as a photographer. Our meetings can be in person or online, through video conferencing. I’m ready to work with you, no matter where you are based. Sign up for a series or single classes; whatever best fits your schedule. These 1 to 2-hour sessions can be just for you or semi-private, so you can enjoy learning with a friend or colleague.

Beginner level, photography basics:
Together we will break down how to utilize your camera to its fullest and make the most of your potential as a photographer. Let’s turn the dial and get you out of AUTO mode! We’ll cover your camera’s menu settings, exposure (aperture, shutter and ISO), shooting modes, lenses, metering, flash techniques and composition. Assignments will be given and we will review your new photographs in subsequent sessions. All of this will help you to become more comfortable using your camera in manual mode - - one frame at a time.

Intermediate to advanced photographers:
• Got an idea for a current or future project? Run it by me. I can help you to plan your project and maximize your time spent photographing.
• Editing and sequencing is tough! I can help you to edit and sequence your projects and will explain in detail how, and why, I made my selections.
• Want to learn how to create impactful, photo-driven books? I can offer guidance on how to self-publish your photobook, from purposeful editing to thoughtful layout and design.
• Post-processing can be complicated. Let’s figure out how to make the most of your photographs by understanding how to post-process your images in Lightroom and Photoshop.
• Trying to develop your vision and point of view? I can help you to refine your technique and to develop your very own personal way of picturing the world.
• Ready to share your photos with the world? I can also offer guidance on seeking exhibition opportunities, printing and framing, preparing for a portfolio review and creating a well-organized and dynamic website.

Similar to my one-on-one beginner level mentoring but taught in a group setting with a maximum of 8 participants. Topics will include: menu settings, exposure (aperture, shutter and ISO), shooting modes, lenses, metering, flash techniques and composition. Participants are expected to do assignments weekly and have new images to share in subsequent sessions. The only way to really learn how to use you camera is to use it - - and to use it often.

Email me at for scheduling and pricing information. Teen sessions also available.