Family life, while blossoming with promise can feel like slow suffocation.  WonderLust is a visceral response to my immediate surroundings - a world where I’m at home yet hovering on the periphery, an insider and outsider at once.  Through these images I find my place within my family’s framework and that of a larger existence.  My photographs are small rewards; sublime bits risen from the everyday.  I live here.

A sense of wonder and thrill of attraction is at the core of this series.  I’m struck by the accidental image: a flash of color, a passing gesture. Details make me tingle.  I need to experience deeply what is here, right now.

WonderLust embraces sensation in a world brimming with stand-ins for what is authentic.  I find it all quite stirring. It's as if I have no choice but to turn my irresistible desire into something tangible, into a photograph.  I want to seduce the viewer to feel as I do – to know pleasure, to be alive.